Hoe long before mu Husband can apply for residence ect ?

Is the sponsor an EU/EEA or Swiss national ? To what extent is freedom of movement still restricted for same-sex couples in the EU ? Do you have experience of immigration bureaucracy in other European countries ? Please also visit EU/EEA page in the main website

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Hoe long before mu Husband can apply for residence ect ?

Post by Lynd » Sat Aug 11, 2018 8:26 pm

Hi all,

Apologies in advance if i am asking basic questions but it seems to be a mine field to say the least !!.

Okay Me i'm a British Citizen from birth and passport holder, my husband is Polish (Same sex marriage and got married April 2018), He has been in the Country for 5 years in July 2019 working the majority of time (with just a week here or there out of work between jobs and never claimed any state benefits if that is relevant) with brekit around the corner and many questions unanswered i was wondering if anyone could answer some basic questions for me ?

1. How long before he can apply for permanent residency (im reading this as 5 years, but then reading things around "medical insurance"?).
2. What is the best route for him to go along to get perm residency status.
3. what is the route for getting British citizenship (if he should want it).
4. Currently were residing in uk, what if we wanted to move to Germany or even to Poland after brekit, (or any eu country i guess), he will still have a eu passport i will no longer have one, how does this affect me (the Brit) for working and living ect ?

A big thank you in advance to anyone that can help me with the above.


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