EEA Family Permit - how many days allowed to leave UK /year?

Is the sponsor an EU/EEA or Swiss national ? To what extent is freedom of movement still restricted for same-sex couples in the EU ? Do you have experience of immigration bureaucracy in other European countries ? Please also visit EU/EEA page in the main website

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EEA Family Permit - how many days allowed to leave UK /year?

Post by Iyk13 » Tue May 09, 2017 8:38 pm

Hi guys,

I hold a 5 years resident permit based on being the family member of a EU citizen living in the UK.

I have been in the UK for 2 years with my husband, my permit is valid until 2020 before I will have to renew it as permanent.

my company offered me a promotion but I will need to move to Switzerland for 8 months as part of an assignment before coming back to the UK.

I understand there is a quota to how many days I am allowed to spend outside the UK under my permit. someone told me 6 months... another said it is 3!

I would like to understand if this is correct and whether this means 6 (or 3) continuous month at a given time or do I need to calculate the days I spend outside the UK (even if i was re-entering and exiting the country during this time?)

i have also been told if i can prove to the government that it is work related it should not be a problem and it would not effect my status at all.

i hope someone can help me, i need to get back to my company on this asap.

thank you


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