British Citizenship

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British Citizenship

Post by Mauroandgeo » Tue Apr 11, 2017 8:47 pm

Hello guys,

We are back on this forum after 5 years to ask again for your precious help (reading the exchange we had in 2011 about me and my boyfriend getting married brought back a lot of sweet memories).

Apologies in advance if the question might sound silly or if it hasn't been posted under the right thread.

Here is my situation: I am an EU citizen (Italian) who married in New York 5 years and a half ago a Non EU citizen (Venezuelan) who got EEA permit and moved to London few weeks after the wedding.

We both have now our Permanent Residence and we are thinking about applying for the British Citizenship.

I am in the position of applying immediately, whereas my husband needs to wait until January next year.

My question: what happens to our marriage status if I get the British citizenship?
I am asking because we are not married under the UK law and my husband is allowed to stay in UK only as husband of an EU citizen.
I've been told by a friend in a similar situation (he's from Hong Kong, married in France to a French guy) that if I get the citizenship before my husband our marriage won't be recognised anymore and we will have to get married again under the UK law (and my husband will have to wait 5 years from this second marriage before being allowed to ask for the UK citizenship).

If this is true, am I right to assume that our best option would be to wait for my husband to be eligible for British citizenship (in less than one year time) and then apply myself for mine?

I hope all of this is clear.

As usual, thank you for your formidable help.

Mauro & Geo

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