British Citizenship

Is the sponsor an EU/EEA or Swiss national ? To what extent is freedom of movement still restricted for same-sex couples in the EU ? Do you have experience of immigration bureaucracy in other European countries ? Please also visit EU/EEA page in the main website

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British Citizenship

Post by kurun » Wed Feb 17, 2016 10:55 pm

Hello there,
I'm about to apply for my British citizenship and I'm bit worried that my past migration history effect my application. I have been living in UK since 2001. I came to UK on working holiday visa for two years but I did not return to country of origin and remain in the UK as an over stayer. In 2008 I met my partner and we had Civil partnership. He is an EEA national and I was granted 5 year visa as a family member of EEA national in 2009 and now I have a permanent resident card. My problem is, on AN application asks about working history for last ten years and I'm not sure what should I do. I did work for an agency between 2003 to 2008 but I don't know It has been recorded in inland revenue. Please advice me what to do?

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Re: British Citizenship

Post by aeavator » Sun Feb 28, 2016 7:32 pm

Hi Kurun

Mi situation was pretty similar. I came to the UK in 2005 on a tourist visa, and overstayed for almost 4 years. In 2009 , I got into the CP with an EU citizen. I never applied for PR card, I applied straight away via NCS to the citizenship, it is very simple and straightforward application. I would suggest you to do it through NCS, all you need are the last 6 p60 of your partner and his passport, which it will be given to you back the same day. The will not ask for any details of your employment, at least the never ask any of my details apart from my passport details and the time i have been in the uk, and any travels i made in the past.
No question about my job or need of proof of that.
I also have a penalty charge in my licence and had a CCJ (satisfied) inmy credit field, however, after 6 month, I received my invitation letter for my Citizenship ceremony.

I cant stress enough for you to do it through NSC , is better and hasle free.

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