Options for self employed M2F from India

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Options for self employed M2F from India

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43 yrs, transgender M2F from Bangalore, India. I am currently pre-op in the 2nd year of my transition. Parents/relatives have not reconciled to my decision to transition and there is increasing pressure/harassment to walk back on my decision. I am finding it difficult to find rented accommodation and other harassment from neighbors/cops after I stopped hiding my identity. :(

I have been trying to immigrate to a safe space, preferably an Anglophone country. However, i find that qualifying for a PR at my age seems to be impossible. I am also unclear how self employed people can apply for a residency work permit.

I am NOT looking for financial aid. I work as a freelance IT consultant from home and moonlight as a fashion photographer. I hope to be financially self sufficient. I am looking for a way to get to a safe space where I do not have to hide my identity. I might need help finding an inexpensive LGBTQ safe space to stay and finding a co-share place on rent for work.

I am not clear on the right way to proceed.

Apply for Asylum or a work visa? Would I be able to work on my business pending my asylum hearings?
Can I get a long term stay/work visa for a business? I hear there is a startup program for entrepreneurs? Would that work?

I would prefer the second route.


Please advise! 🙏