Marriage Travel VISA: the many questions I need answers

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Marriage Travel VISA: the many questions I need answers

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I'm a 24 year old male nurse who is set to be deployed in the UK through a General Working Tier 2 VISA (Health and Care VISA) this February 2021 and I have just applied for the said VISA just this month with the help of the recruitment agency that I have affiliated myself with. I'm in a relationship with my boyfriend for about 6 months now and we have plans to live together in the UK through the means of a Dependent VISA but to my dismay, we do not meet all the (financial) requirements as of the moment. With that said, only time can tell when we're both financially able to commit to undertake our dreams as obtaining a large amount of money is indeed a big hindrance for the both of us as nurses do not earn much here in the Philippines hence many opt to work in foreign countries to help elevate their socio-economic status. I have decided to seem advice here since we do not have the capacity to seek legal counsel regarding this matter.

I have a few queries in mind and I hope you guys there would take the patience to answer:

1. I understand that when my boyfriend applies for a Marriage Tourist VISA in the UK, how much pocket money will he be needing in his account to have good chances of being approved a VISA? We plan to spend 6 months together in the UK, and perhaps we'd only go out 2-3x a week since most times I'll be working. I've read that we need to garner about 9,800GBP (approximately 650,000.00 Philippine Pesos) as 'show money' to support his stay and to have better chances of being approved.
2. If I submit an itinerary of his stay and his activities with a column portion of how we're going to budget his stay in the UK, can we provide a lesser amount of 'show money' in our supporting documents and still have a good chance of approval?
3. If I write a document to sponsor his excursion with me in the UK, does the burden of acquiring the money fall to my bank account or should the money still be in his bank account? Or do we need to prove that both of us have the money? If so, the both of us should have a certain sum of money in our bank accounts and bank statements. How much should it be for each of us?
4. I'll be having a Health and Care VISA when I'll be deployed, and I've read that when we sponsor or opt to have our dependents here, the process will be much simpler. What does this imply? How do these implications affect his chances of travelling here?
5. There is a 6-month rule that the sum of money should be left untouched in the applicant's/sponsors bank account before applying a VISA. Is there a way to bend this rule to have my boyfriend travel in the UK sooner?
6. What requirements here in the Philippines should me and my boyfriend obtain when we are going to be getting married in the UK through a Travel Marriage VISA? What requirements will be required in the UK for an LGBT marriage?
7. The nature of my boyfriend revolves around the media platform and he does his work at home and submit them online. In the rules, a person with a travel VISA cannot do paid or unpaid work in the UK. Can he still continue his online work as an artist in the UK since he will not be affiliated or be working with any employer in the UK?

For any answers regarding my queries, I’ll be most happy and indebted. Thank you!